The healing journey begins with re-entry

Reentry Mentorship Initiative

Provide youth with a smooth transition back into their communities.


Meet on a regular basis
Form a deep one-on-one mentoring relationship with a current or former resident in a Writers in Residence Creative Writing Workshop to assist in their re-entry into their community.
Connect to community resources
Provide connection to community resources pertinent to your mentee's needs and goals (job, housing, food assistance, and additional social services).
Facilitate a safe and welcoming space
Serve as an advocate, mandated reporter, and mentor for your mentee to reduce their chances of recidivism.
Balance relationship building and progress on goals
Help your mentee achieve their goals which they will outline in their Care Plan at the time of their assessment (completed by the Re-entry Director).
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Become a Mentor

Fill out form to apply

We'll use this information to connect you with youth re-entering their communities from a juvenile facility based on location and the mentee's goals and interests.

Apply Now
Online training

You'll go through a training with us and the Ohio Department of Youth Services. The training is self-paced and takes between 60-90 mins to complete.

Connect with youth

We'll meet with you to tell you a bit about the mentee (their goals and some background information) and introduce you to their family to start things off.

Going forward, you'll set a schedule to meet with your mentee on a regular basis.


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