Unlocking Creativity to Transform Lives

Writers in Residence teaches creative writing to youth who are incarcerated to empower their voices and assist in their re-entry into society.
our model

Creativity as Therapy

Address Unresolved Trauma
Oftentimes youth enter the juvenile justice system with unresolved emotional trauma.
Creative Writing Workshops
Sessions are facilitated by passionate university students who create a safe space for youth to express themselves and work through difficult emotions through engaging prompts.
Ongoing Relationship Building
The real journey begins with re-entry. Youth are often forced to return to unstable environments, and we serve as a support system for them as they embark on this chapter.
Youth Enters Juvenile Justice System
Oftentimes youth enter with unresolved emotional trauma.
Creative Writing Workshops
Facilitated by passionate university students who create a safe space for youth to express themselves and work through difficult emotions through engaging prompts.
Ongoing Relationship Building
The real journey begins with reentry. Youth are often forced to return to unstable environments. We serves as a support system that youth can always return to.

What We've Accomplished

separate cohorts across the state of Ohio
residents participated in creative writing workshops
pieces of creative writing supported
chapbooks distributed

What Residents Say

"I learned about Joy"
Resident at Medina JDC
"It was empowering and a safe space to express myself"
Resident at Seneca County YC
"I like this program because I get to get things off my chest"
Resident at Medina JDC
"I needed Writers in Residence, I got to put what was on my mind while no one saying nothing"
Resident at Seneca County YC
"I learned how to cope by using creative writing and there's multiple opportunities to go far with it"
Resident at Montgomery County CAS
"I know what I need to do to be successful mentally"
Resident at Medina JDC

Reentry Mentorship Initiative

Facilitate a smooth transition for youth back into their communities.


Works of Creative Writing

End-talk is Cheap - Actions Speak.

This is the kind of the world we Live in Theres the light and the dark in this world. A lot of this world is made from Indoctrination not a lot of people try to expand their knowledge or look at different perspectives. I have met a very small amount of people who are different. The good may be disguised as bad. Im grateful to even have an opportunity to have a life on this earth b/c I have no true Idea where Im going next. The bad is beautiful there’s beauty in the struggle. the world is losing Its humbleness but a lot of us are becoming aware. You gotta mind your business and protect your soul and energy. you don’t got no one but yourself-watch your own back.

Spring 2021

I feel so weightless in space and I seen Megan da Stallion doing the race She was clutching a brief case filled with heels she bought yesterday I love this chick so much because she has such a pretty face.

Spring 2021
Louisville Slugger

My freshman year. Playing baseball for tiffin Columbian. I had never really played at all that year, just wasnt as talented than some other people at the time. But our coach put me first at bat, top of the order, our very last game. So I remember distinctly I took my friends baseball bat it was a Louisville, and I went up. The pitcher threw a changeup and I just absolutely cranked it into left field, I remember it bounced and hit the fence, and I just kept sprinting. I ended up getting a triple, and playing a lot more after that.

Spring 2021

I come from a home where holding together A healthy relationship was like trying to Carry water with only bare hands I come from friends the age of my Older sisters, which no one approved of I come from a school with metal detectors And staff who silenced the hurt and gone I come from friends who kept drugs and Weapons on them more than phones. I come from an area where going out Alone was punished I come from where fighting and hugging Would go to the same people But I’m going to a better path.

Spring 2021

I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, afterwards I got to pick a reward and at that moment I seen the ring toss baby game I knew instantly my little sister would love it so that’s what I chose.

Spring 2021

1. I will find true happiness soon 2. Steak bowls from Chipotle taste great 3. Show no love, receive no pain

Spring 2021

like a bike i go from place to place. it’s always a mystery where i’ll end up. if i start down a hill there really isn’t any way to stop me. All you can really do is jump off. you can give it a paint job or change some parts but it’ll still be the same bike. You can decide to use it or go your own way

Spring 2021

Making food Especially when its seasoned good, good songs that I really like the beat to or think are lyrically good, I have a few funny favorite movies too like step brothers, talledega nights, an scary movie 3, trailer park bois, also I like nature alot but lately I forgot about that mainly why I like seasoned food so much is cause it never ah. get old cause you could make anything like 10 different ways, an pair it with 10 other foods an- then you could pair it with a movie thats really funny or whatever an keep those same feelings going on or around some music that you really like an maybe put some music. With a spot in the woods you really like an maybe prolly also find some type of nice peace

Spring 2021

My photograph was taken back in2018 with my family we went to an professional photo shot. We wearin all white with black jeans and white shoes. In are photo it had a lot of details in the background it was really pretty and had lots of flowers in the back. What wasn’t in the photo that was interesting was it was no clouds but everything else was there

Spring 2021
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